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Riding is ridiculous fun. But knowing where to ride isn’t always that easy: while there are lots of destination suggestions, ride reports and detailed travellers’ blogs out there, what if you just want to download a GPS file and go? The good news is, the final version of ADV Tracks has arrived – and we’re here to help.

 ADV Tracks is the new platform of motorcyclist – friendly social media. Our website enables adventure riders to upload GPX tracks, photos, videos and ride reports and share them with everyone. Riders are welcome to browse tracks from all over the world and download them straight to their navigation devices – completely free of charge!

How does it work? The registration (also available via Facebook/Twitter/Google) takes less than forty seconds. Once the user is registered, he or she then creates a profile and can start browsing and downloading GPS files of both on and off - road tracks from anywhere in the world. Members can follow and like each other’s tracks, photos, videos, and ride reports, and chat to each other on the instant messenger.


ADV Tracks is:

-      Community driven. As the number of our membership grows, so does the database of available GPX tracks!

-      Diverse. We store GPX tracks from all over the world including such adventure riding destinations as Bolivia, Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, and so on. You name it – we’ve got it!

-      Easy to use. ADV Tracks has the look and feel of a new social media platform with instant access to other members’ profiles and GPX tracks, ‘like’ and ‘follow’ functions, instant messenger, and privacy settings: your ride report, photos and GPX tracks can be public, private, or shared private (only members with a special link can view it). The updated ‘search’ function now allows members to find specific GPX tracks using keywords, countries, cities, and so on in the search criteria.

-      Completely free of charge. There are no fees to register and download the GPX tracks!

-      Mobile – friendly. With our new, update mobile version, members can now comfortably browse using their mobile devices.

Because we aim to make GPX sharing as fun and as easy as possible, we’ve also included such member profile functions as the ability to include and promote their Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles.

ADVtracks is all about the global adventure riding community. We aim to provide an easy, instant way to download GPX tracks of the most amazing riding destinations in the world and share the best rides with everyone.


Join, share, and ride!


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