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trf1The Trail Riders Fellowship is taking Durham County Council to court in an attempt to keep Hexam Lane, an iconic green road in the North-East of England, open for all to enjoy.

To help offset the cost of this expensive legal action, the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) has launched a Just Giving crowd-funding campaign to raise £10,000 in 30 days.

Durham County Council (DCC) initially closed this lane, which is a Byway Open to All Traffic, by Temporary Order to all but pedestrians in 2013 for six months to enable maintenance works to be undertaken. Since then, for reasons that are not clear, DCC has made the closure permanent despite widespread protests.
After taking legal advice which indicated that the DCC action was flawed, the TRF has decided to challenge this decision in court, and save this historic and beautiful green lane for all to enjoy. The legal papers were served on DCC earlier this week.

A spokesman for the TRF said: “£10,000 sounds like a lot of money, but the reality is that we would only need 1000 people who care about saving the UK’s historic road heritage to donate £10 each, and we would be there.

“A win here for the TRF would follow recent significant legal triumphs over councils in other parts of the country and serve as a deterrent against further irrational closures.

“We hope instead to work with councils and National Park Authorities to promote and maintain a sustainable network of green roads for all classes of user throughout England and Wales.”

The TRF has produced a short video explaining the background to the case, which you can see here.

And you can donate here


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