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MEM has not tested this product, the wording is a bit 'flowery' but that's PR companies. It does look a rather cool bit of kit and something I wouldn't mind as a back up. Arriving somewhere late and you don't want to piss the entire bike rally field off at 3am - throw this up. If you find a bigger tent has worn out, got damaged etc then you have a small, light and quick option to sort you out. It may be the case that you like 'snug' and this looks like it's a very cool and well made solo tent. 

Priced at around £145 / 199 Euro / $226US / $310AUS / $299CAN

The Lone Rider MiniTent


Departure day approaches. Youre finally going to leave on a long solo trip by motorcycle. Before starting, you want to select a waterproof and easily portable shelterin other words, a good tent. Lone Rider, the designer of the MotoTent, brings to market a tent designed for one person: its the MiniTent, a lightweight, durable, and compact tent.

image002The MiniTent was developed by a biker who has plenty of experience with solo expeditions to all corners of the world. This tent of reduced weight and dimensions, in its carrying bag, will delight adventurers of all types. With a footprint of 40 cm × 13 cm × 13 cm and a weight of 1.2 kg, the numbers speak for themselves. In its many qualities—resistance and reliability, combined in a small package—this tent is unique. Lone Rider’s MiniTent arises as the essential tent of solitary adventurers from now on. But be careful: the MiniTent is so small that you can lose it at the bottom of a motorcycle saddlebag.


Choice of material: the Lone Rider trademark

One can’t embark on a motorcycle journey to regions known for menacing weather conditions without having a sturdy, 100% waterproof tent. Forget those cheap tents that lose their permeability along with their colour. Tents that fade, make it two seasons, and are gone: they’re certainly economical. As Audiard said, “The price is forgotten; the quality remains,” a saying often proven in the world of backpackers and bikers. At Lone Rider, quality 210T polyester fabrics resist UV rays. They’re treated with CPAI84 fire retardant and, of course, waterproofed (guaranteed to 10,000 mm when the standard is 2,000 mm). Arches and poles are aircraft-quality 7001-T6 aluminum, which is to say that you’ll rust before they do.

MiniTent: the benefit of relaxation


The MiniTent has been designed to keep solo sleepers and their motorcycle things dry and protected from the weather. Once MiniTent is securely fastened, not much can disturb a restful sleep. In addition to its all-terrain aspect, the tent offers enough space to turn around and have all your personal effects at hand. The available space allows for dry relaxation and even drafting the narrative of your adventures on your blog. Lone Rider’s MiniTent quickly becomes the nest you look forward to seeing at the end of a long motorcycle ride, as it’s well designed. Easy to assemble, disassemble, and store, MiniTent also offers an incomparable trail-blazer look. A real biker’s tent of inimitable design.

MiniTent: the tent that adapts

Whether you’re on a motorcycle to explore Iceland or the roads of the Moroccan Atlas, you can’t leave anything to chance. The accommodation solution: Lone Rider’s MiniTent, the small tent that’s easy to assemble and that adapts to all adventure terrains and conditions. With it, you’ll never have to sleep outside, lying next to your bike. The MiniTent is practical and lightweight. You’ll feel at home every night, all around the world. If you want to sleep in the open in good weather, MiniTent offers the distinctive feature of being able to do so. Simply remove the waterproof canvas and close the net. You’ll dream under a magnificent starry sky while being protected from animals and pesky insects.

You’re meticulous in the selection of your motorcycle and your safety and protective equipment, and with good reason. You should have the same requirements when choosing your tent. Don’t forget that other than the seat of your bike, the tent is where you spend most of your time. Choosing a compact, lightweight, comfortable tent made of quality materials is no longer a headache. Available for delivery as of September 2015, you can order your MiniTent without leaving your home at Comfortable nights in a quality tent have an unrivaled price: €199. Shipping costs are waived if you reserve your Lone Rider MiniTent now.


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