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August Motorcycle Sales Stats

2015 Yamaha MT09 Tracer EU Lava Red Static 004

Well it looks like a healthy increase in new bikes on the road in the United Kingdom with the release of the figures from the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association). There was some surprise movers in the world of the adventure class.

 Adventure class bikes - termed as: These bikes are similar in style to enduro motorcycles but are predominantly designed and capable for on-road use. Often they will have features similar to machines included in the Touring category e.g. fairings, luggage carrying capacity etc.

More and more people are seeing the rewards of motorcycle travel, now be that cheaper to commute or the joyous freedom taht riding a bike brings it matters not. The bottom line is that Britian is still a biking nation and we are dipping our hands into our pockets to spend our hard earned cash on some fabulous machines. The top runners are still the Japanese machines but Triumph with inspired leadership is knocking on the door of 4th for the August sales stats. The likes of British makers Matisse and CCM are still not showing up in the figures but they are fighting well in the background and we hope gaining some ground! Royal Enfield are not to be seen in the top 10 for the UK but they have a massive following in India and we are now waiting for the adventure model of the RE Himalaya to come into production and out of the shadows to see what the great British riding public make of this model.

Now Adventure have seen an increase of 24.3% with a total of 9,623 year to date for August beating off every class other than naked in the big bike game (meaning not a scooter). There was a surpirse, for me anyway that the top seller for August was the Yamaha MT-09 TRACER for the Adventure section and in the trails/enduro was the Husqvarna FE 450.

The biggest growth in the capacity area was the 651 -1000cc movers with a 27.2% increase while the over 1000cc class only got toe poke at 5.9%. But still gripping that top title for grim death in the over 1000cc class was the BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE. 


Hanging on in there in the over 1000cc spot was the big 1200 BMW

010215 2014 bmw r1200gs adventure 87B6640

But BMW is far from having the market all its own way! As they rank 8th as a brand for sales in August and Honda takes the gold with 1,228 new registered sales in the brand. 

There was more good news for bikers of all classes as the figures show that there are over 1,200,000 motorbikes in use in the United Kingdom clocking up over 2.8bn miles for 2014/15 - taking into account that Uranus is just 1.79bn miles from Earth that's a lot commutes going on or one hell of an exploration ride! 

Over 34 thousand are kissing goodbye to the L plate

df learner 3

Just to end on another high for all riders in the United Kingdom is the fact that from August 2014/15 over 34,600 riders passed their motorcycle test!  


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