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Three Police Services Apologise to Motorcycle Crash Victim


A biker who crashed near Tilbrook who sustained arm injuries was left in a ditch for almost three hours after police became confused about whose job it was. Tilbrook borders three counties and the emergency call came in at just after 16:00BST but no one came in aid of the injured biker until 18:40BST.

The Police have advised that they are looking into what went wrong in the lack of any response.

Bedfordshire Police said the Northamptonshire force told its staff about the crash at 16:25, but it replied the accident was not in its patch. It was an hour and fifteen minutes later Bedfordshire was advised that no one had been dispatched to the scene so they immediately sent a patrol car.

The Police said that due to the distance of travel and issues in locating the victim on the B645 the Police car did not arrive until 18:40.

The victim, who has not been named was then taken in the Police car to hospital as no ambulance had attended either.
Bedfordshire Police said it believed East Midlands Ambulance Service was contacted about the crash. The ambulance service have said it could not find the incident on its logs.

Cambridgeshire Police said it remained unclear as to which county the crash occurred in, adding it was "clear that a better response should have been given".

Ch Insp Nick Lyall of Bedfordshire Police said the forces "would like to apologise to the man involved", adding they were investigating what went wrong.

Northamptonshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds said the delay was a "scandal", adding that "someone should answer for that".


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