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Adventure Riding - The word that has come to mean many things to many people and perhaps runs the risk of meaning nothing at all anymore.

Words by - AJ

Benka Pulko, a Slovenian world traveler, Guinness World Record holder, motivational speaker, author and photographer.

Adventure does not mean having a horrible time.

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I think I have been “Adventure” riding in my mind ever since I first climbed on a bike. It seems to me that since it became in vogue to ride an “Adventure Bike” which we are told by the mainstream publications, TV Programmes and motorcycle manufacturers has to be a certain style that maybe we have lost sight of the definition of the word “Adventure” According to the people at Oxford they class the noun as "An unusual and exciting or daring experience” that surely depends on the individual having the adventure…. and I am sure most will agree that you can have this adventure on any type of bike that you happen to be riding at the time. We have seen many people riding in all sorts of places on literally every type of bike. From Sjaak Lucassen on his R1 to Gareth Jones on his ’51 Hard tail Panhead HD to 1001+ people on giant “purpose built” GS/KTM/Yamaha bikes. Its doesn’t matter so long as you can ride it safely and can afford it.


Sjaak Lucassen is a Dutch long-distance motorcycle rider. Between 1995 and 1998 he traveled 160,000 kilometers on a Honda Fireblade and then between 2001 and 2006 he traveled 250,000 kilometers around the world on a Yamaha YZF-R1.

"You Ride the Bike of your Heart"
2012 r1 Sjaak vulkaan

My point is I guess that maybe it’s time for people to be a little more focused on the fact that the Adventure is for the individual and can come in at many different levels. The newbie biker who rides to his first ever bike show/rally is having a great adventure. The guy who sells his house and stubbles his way around the world is equally excited and having an adventure of a life time. The lady that rides solo through Africa. Who is to say what is an adventure for someone else? Who dictates the rules for having an adventure? Are there rules? I would say only one….do what makes you happy and excites you, not what makes you popular. Whether you want to do it on a rusty nail and live under a plastic bag, use the latest hi tech bike and stay 5 star all the way or maybe do an off the shelf organised tour, simply because you only have a couple of weeks and don’t have time to do the planning. It’s yours, don’t let others dictate what is a “real” adventure for you.

Sean Nolan and Charlotte Richards - Erm.., from Wales :) 

You will be hearing a lot more from this couple of students if you tune in to MEM

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I would like to see some more of the biking media give some of the less well-known “adventurers” out there a chance to share their stories alongside the well-known ones. If you want to represent the Adventure market then look at all of it not just the popular faces. Spread the word and share the stories.

Happy Travels



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