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him side

We have had mixed reports and ‘leaks’ coming out of India for some time now and it seems to be a slower release than Honda’s Africa Twin. Everything has been based on guesswork and ‘sources’ reporting. Along with this we have the estimate from looking at the engine and the bike layout.

 It’s looking like a back to basics rendition of the “Adventure” bike and keeping things simple. You’re not going to be getting much more than 25 -30bhp. Talk of ABS for a Euro version adds a little something to the 410cc single thumper beating heart of the Enfield and some additional fuel can storage is a nice touch for riding in remote areas. Looking at the size of the tank I’d imagine that you’d need the extra cans – figures on mpg, tank size for a fuel range will be of interest in this range. The addition of the mono-shock suspension should add to comfort factor for the RE Himalayan.

hjim rear

Looking at the shots there is something looking like a catalytic converter on here and this adds weight for the Euro market release and meeting the emissions laws. But there is no official release on the price or the launch date. We have seen a growing interest in this bike and while you’re not going to be pulling away from a KTM anytime soon on this there is an appeal of the rugged and basic reliability that will chug you across mountains with little more than duct tape, plasti-ties, a can of WD40 and a hammer!

him eng

Opinions vary on the looks and on this shot there is the distinct lack of a decent size screen or hand guards but if the price is right then this could be a winner for the Royal troop.


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