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Norman and Mags Magowan's ongoing blog around the world. We catch up with our Leprechauns with a tale of woe.


‘CARRUMP!!!!’ … the distinct sound came through the bike intercom. It was like a large cardboard box being suddenly collapsed and I recognised immediately the cadence of a violent road collision. Like every accident I have ever been exposed to, time slowed to a crawl as a series of images and inputs sank into my very being and I hoped that whatever had just happened did not involve Mags who was riding a short way behind as we negotiated hectic Pondicherry traffic. Instinctively shooting a glance in my rear view mirror, I was just in time to see a small blue and white ‘scooty’ explode in a head on smash. The little scooter had collided with the front corner of an oncoming car, spun through ninety degrees and was now flying up the road on its side in a cloud of dust and debris, casting off chunks of plastic fairing and side panel. A young man was caught up in the midst of the ejecta, desperately flailing to avoid all contact with the black stuff closely followed by Mags, the yellow beak and headlight of her GS looming through the carnage…

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