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Colleagues of team leader James Cannon at the Goldengrove pub are raising money for him after he was involved in a motorcycle crash in Thailand. From left, Ryan Wood, Magdalena Kubic, Georgia Barnes, Grace Clark and Martha Achen.


“Happy-go-lucky” James Cannon, 20, could lose the sight in one eye after the crash in Ko Phangan in the early hours of Friday morning.

His brothers flew out to be by his bedside after a vehicle crashed into him and a fellow passenger, who escaped with minor injuries. James has bleeding on the brain and is still unable to speak. His jaw is broken and nose, chin and cheekbones are all fractured.

Friend Georgia Barnes, 19, who works with James at the Goldengrove, has helped organise a fundraiser to “bring him home”.

“It will cost at least £10,000 to pay for his treatment,” explained Georgia, who works part-time as a special constable in Forest Gate.

Georgia owes her life to James, after he intervened when a knife-wielding youth grabbed her on a night bus to Forest Gate last year.

James got between the two and took the force of the attack, which slashed his face and left him with a still-visible scar.

Now Georgia wants to repay his kindness – and has already helped raise more than £400 to get him back.

“He was working as a slumber party host, he was having the time of his life,” she said.

“He’s so tall, he looks really intimidating but he’s actually a cuddly bear, he’s so lovely, he’s always protected me,” she said.

Mum Ann Cannon, 58, lives with James in Poplar.

“He’s a very good lad, he’s a loveable rogue, he’s a great laugh,” said the mum-of-three.

“We are just a happy-go-lucky family, everybody knows us.”

James’ brothers, Nathan and Ben Chandler, have raised £7,000 on JustGiving since the accident.

“I can’t believe the wonderful people who have donated, they have been so generous,” said Ann.

Goldengrove shift manager Magdalena Kubic, 37, said she was “worried sick” about her employee. “He was very popular, very friendly, he was always on great form. He’s part of a big family. Everyone is shocked. Customers know him too and are giving money towards his treatment, we want to get him back in the country.”

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