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There has been a great deal of 'unrest' to say the least about the movie 'A Story Worth Living'. This movie looking at the trailer seems to be Long Way Round style adventure in wonderful Colorado. But the back lash from riders going to see the movie has seen a surge in a demand for a refund.

You could be forgiven in thinking this was an adventure film when people like KLiM clothing, Arai helmets and RawHyde are down as supporting the movie. What is not being told is the story of the Gospel and the heavy backdrop of Christian vlaues of God. MEM spoke to KLiM's marketing director John Summers about the fact that KLiM was being seen as backing a religion. John told MEM;

And Sons approached KLIM looking for motorcycle apparel to wear during their trip/film prior to production. The film was pitched to KLIM as an adventure riding film where a group would ride through high elevation terrain in Colorado on BMW GS motorcycles--sounds like our kind of ride. And since we're always looking to grow our sport we were excited at the prospect of reaching new riders and encouraging them to head out on adventures via the film.

Based on this information and the relatively high level of film production discussed, we made the decision to offer a product sponsorship, outfitting the riders in KLIM apparel for the conditions. After initial interactions and agreement, a long period of time passed. Then, And Sons came back to us with a trailer. The trailer looked like the film would portray adventure riding. We were unaware of any other underlying story lines or themes of the film.

KLiM, Raw Hyde and Arai have put massive backing into many motorcycle projects and events around the world and supported the motorcycle community and given the trailer have seen this as John said above ''sounds like our kind of ride". I'm sure if this video was the pitch then we would have seen a very different outcome. 

Riders have posted on various media outlets that if the movie had been upfront about the actual content then they would not have gone to see the movie. Demands for refunds have come in from all over America and it has left a very bitter taste indeed. Perhaps honesty is the best policy.



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