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GIVI has developed new semi-rigid bags to provide even more comfort for naked and sport tourers.

The new GIVI Sport-T range of bags is now available: the range consists of Multilock side bags and two Tanklock models with the promise of space, technology and comfort for even the most passionate of bikers. The tanklock bags are available in 4 and 15-litre models, whilst the multilock bag has a capacity of 22 litres, enabling bikers to carry all they need with the safety that is always guaranteed by GIVI.

The materials used for the SPORT-T RANGE are cutting-edge, with anti UV technology, thermoformed EVA clad in 900DD and PU polyester, reflective side strips for maximum visibility of the bike in poor light conditions and with a cable outlet compatible with the Givi Power UB charge system.

The construction techniques and materials used, the excellent load capacity and the high safety standards all make the new GIVI SPORT-T RANGE of SOFT BAGS fundamental motorbike accessories for lovers of touring who only want the best!

ST601 Multilock - £414.85 (inc.VAT)

Pair of thermoformed expandable side bags with a 22-litre capacity. The volumes and shapes have been optimized to reduce clutter on the bike. The ST601 side bags use the Multilock fitting system for rapid attachment/detachment and need to be combined with the specific side soft bag holders.


ST602 Tanklock - £77.4 (inc.VAT)

Tanklock tank bag with a 4-litre capacity. It has a rigid structure which provides load stability and it is fully impermeable due to its EVA laminated fabric and waterproof zip. Its 4 litres of volume capacity, in addition to its inner pockets and integrated GPS holder makes this tank bag the perfect tool for carrying all gadgets, documents and relevant items on board. In order to increase visibility of the rider in low light conditions the exterior of the tank bag includes reflective strips on its surface.

Sport t group

ST603 Tanklock - £95.02 (inc.VAT)

Tanklock tank bag with a 15-litre capacity. This bag is ideal for those medium/long distance journeys, for which the rider may need some extra capacity in order to store clothes for the weekend, shoes or other essential items.ST602 inner

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcyclevisit or call 01327 706220.

ST602 shoulder strap



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