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When it comes to loading a motorcycle or scooter, the various ranges of “T” soft bags created and produced by GIVI encompass every possible type of loading need. 

The  ULTIMA-T line, enters the range created by the Italian brand, with an ultimate and well-made collection: seven different products developed with on and off-road tourers in mind, but incorporating shapes and sizes that also make the range ideal for the two-wheel world of scramblers and new classics.  These new bags, some of which are completely waterproof, can add an additional carrying capacity of between 25 to 80 litres. 

There are already around forty soft bags within the “T” Range which includes; Easy-T, Metro-T, Gravel-T, Sport-T and now also Ultima-T. There are also other lines in the overall GIVI soft bag collection, however, interest is strongly oriented towards these new products that are not only “universal” but also offer the best performance in terms of protection, versatility and mounting systems. Never before has a range of “soft’ bags been so wide and able to satisfy any baggage loading need.

Common features of the range:

  • Composite build made with ballistic fabric/polymer foam and heavy-coated fabric.
  • Increased protection against weathering.
  • Protective stiffening panels.
  • M.O.L.L.E. fixing system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) for universal mounting on motorbikes or in combination with other bags from the range or with hard cases.
  • Materials compliant with REACH regulations.

Ultima-T has the feel of an ultimate product, something definitive; born ready, created specifically to cater for the changing needs of both the public and lovers of two wheels.  The “magnificent seven” includes four waterproof products: a 30-litre dry-roll bag, a 35-litre backpack and two cargo bags with a capacity of 40 and 80 litres respectively . There is also a 55-litre top bag (that can be mounted to the seat), a 25-litre cargo bag and a pair of side bags, each with a 25-litre capacity. 

UT806 UT807 modulable

UT801 - 30-litre waterproof dry-roll bag aimed at road enduro and touring motorcycles - £68.42
UT802 - 35-litre waterproof backpack aimed at road enduro and touring motorcycles - £113.05
UT803 - 40-litre waterproof cargo bag aimed at road enduro and touring motorcycles - £98.18
UT804 - 80-litre waterproof cargo bag aimed at road enduro and touring motorcycles - £118.02
UT806 - 65-litre top bag aimed at road enduro and touring motorcycles - £258.84
UT807 - 25-litre expandable cargo bag aimed at road enduro and touring motorcycles - £123.97
UT808 - 25+25-litre waterproof side bags for touring and adventure use - £227.11
All the above prices are inclusive of VAT.

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit or call 01327 706220.


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